Ewan Kirk

Founder, Cantab Capital & Turner-Kirk Charitable Trust
Ewan is a technology entrepreneur, a seed investor in startups in Cambridge and London, and has been active in philanthropy since 2007. Ewan has been involved in a number of ventures to commercialise, apply and support science, technology and mathematics research. In 2006, he founded Cantab Capital Partners, a science-driven quantitative investment management firm that uses data analysis to research and implement systematic investment strategies. Between 2007 and 2016, Cantab grew from a team of two to a team of 60 people with over £4bn assets under management and was consistently ranked as one of the top-performing quant funds. In 2016 it was acquired by GAM Investments. Alongside his wife Dr Patricia Turner, he founded the Turner-Kirk Charitable Trust, which supports STEM, education and conservation causes in the UK and developing world. The trust is one of the largest private funders of fundamental mathematics research in the UK.